About Me


Yes, it's a duck.

What, a duck? You came here for copywriting, why are we talking about ducks?

Let me explain.

Every time you press publish, you’re competing against other websites, social media, ads, and videos, all fighting to get your visitor’s attention.

Your business is DROWNING in noise.

It’s harder than ever for a website to stand out, much less make an impression.

Without a good reason to stay, your visitor will zoom elsewhere in seconds.

Your only chance is to stand out immediately.

Think about it for a second. You've probably seen dozens of websites just this morning, but how many of them do you remember? 

You don't remember the bland filler content. But you can clearly recall some obscure meme, or some particular reference in an article.

That's where the duck comes in.​

Good copywriting is about making an emotional connection. That's what I do.

My goal is to write copy that makes your reader nod their head in agreement.

My goal is to leave an impression.

So forget about forced selling and manipulative sales copy! When you connect with your reader as a friend, as a human, they become your loyal fans.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only way to get lasting customer relationships.

Hi, I'm Jay Pitkänen. I’m a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist.

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Quick background:

  • Psychology and social dynamics geek - Originally led me to sales and content marketing.
  • Apprentice of Jon Morrow from Boost Blog Traffic (or Smartblogger.com) - Jon showed me the ins and outs of building an online business.
  • Guestblogging.com graduate - Writing articles under intense scrutiny and vigorous editing standards is second nature now.
  • Content Marketer at Thrive Themes - Intense lessons in copywriting, marketing, conversion optimization. Working with the best in the business, Shane Melaugh and Paul McCartney and the rest of the marketing geniuses.
  • Back to freelancing - As an entrepreneur-spirit, I eventually moved to build my own business.